The oldest Soviet and Russian academic history journal, Voprosy istorii (“Issues of History”) has offered scholarly perspectives on events in Russia and the world since 1926. Published by the Russian Academy of Sciences, this legendary journal covering Russian and world history was first published under the title Istorik-Marksist (Marxist Historian, 1926-1941), then Istoricheskii zhurnal (History Journal, 1937-1945) and finally under the present title (since 1945).

Voprosy istorii is a forum for distinguished historians from Russia and abroad who regularly contribute analyses on a broad scope of issues. Also offered in the journal are portraits, journalism, memoirs, and more, from a historical perspective. Voprosy istorii is also recognized for the publication of unedited and archival materials, including those recently declassified.

“For historians of Russia and the Soviet Union, Voprosy istorii represents a vast repository of knowledge in the field. There are few aspects of Russian or Soviet history that have not been touched upon at some point during the long lifetime of this remarkable journal. Most periods of history come within its purview, and its geographical coverage extends to most corners of the world. But to the historian of the Russian revolution in the broadest sense, embracing the nineteenth century revolutionary movement and the formation of the Soviet political and economic system, Voprosy istorii offers the greatest riches. Many items of great value to historians of various periods, countries and movements are to be found … The problem for the historian is how to access this vast wealth of scholarship… The present electronic version of Voprosy istorii and its predecessor historical journals will be the kind of research tool that is required to do justice to all that the journal has to offer.”

Prof. James D. White
Department of Central & East European Studies
University of Glasgow